Focus on the customer by assisting front-line employees with AI.

62% of customers said that an agent’s knowledge and/or resourcefulness was key to their positive service experience.* AI boosts both. Empower your customer-facing employees with contextual customer information, fast access to answers, and consistency of message to support a more satisfying customer experience.

* American Express, 2017 Customer Barometer Survey

Person-to-person may be your most important engagement method. Maximize it.

Every time a customer engages with an employee, whether in a retail store, out in the field, or behind a computer, you have an opportunity to delight them with fast, personalized service. Unlock the potential in every interaction with the power of Bold360’s artificial intelligence working as a guide for your front-line teams.

Are you meeting new customer expectations?

Artificial intelligence is raising the bar and greatly enhancing customer experiences, but it’s put front-line employees at a disadvantage. Without easy access to information, employees need to sift through mounds of documentation, often calling out for help, leaving customers waiting and frustrated. Bold360 gives the advantage back to businesses with AI in every employee’s pocket.

Bring AI customer experiences to your front-line team.

Bold360 gives every employee – regardless of how they engage with your customers – the power of AI to make a meaningful impact on customer satisfaction. AI insights fuel better customer relationships and greater agent productivity. Employees are never at a loss for answers, and customers experience consistency.


Put your customers first by making employees more productive.

With Bold360, your team gets the real-time guidance they need so they spend less time looking for information and more time solving problems. The result? Your front-line employees can focus on what they’re best at, serving customers. Artificial intelligence guides them to the right data, solutions, and processes to resolve customer issues fast. As productivity rises, so does customer satisfaction.


Break down information silos to ensure consistency of message.

A smart, easy-to-access, centralized knowledge management tool that spans all engagement channels arms every employee with the most current company information, processes, and documentation. With Bold360, you can be confident that your customers are getting consistent answers regardless of how and with whom they choose to engage with your company.


Expedite employee training and onboarding with AI.

New employees won’t be new for long. Bold360 simplifies and speeds up the onboarding experience with access to everything they need to know from day one. An intelligent, easy-to-use interface help ease the transition from training to competency, which means your new employees feel empowered, and your veteran experts aren’t being pulled away from their tasks to assist as often. Win-win.


See how one of the world’s largest banks increased customer satisfaction by enabling all service employees with AI.

Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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