Smarter Engagement for Customers and Employees

Make every experience matter.

Bold360 delivers technology that humanizes the customer experience (CX) at every point in the journey: from exploring options to making purchases and seeking support.

Best-in-class knowledge management means your customers and employees get reliable answers fast.

Our unified agent workspace streamlines engagements across digital channels into one intuitive interface.

Bold360 Service

Our flagship customer engagement solution delivers rich, personalized interactions and fast time-to-value. Leveraging the power of harmonious chatbot and human engagement, Bold360 Service delivers better experiences for customers and agents, no matter the problem, channel or device.


Bold360 Advise

Bold360 is not just for contact center agents. We know that your field agents, technical teams, and many other employees also need quick access to information they can trust. Bold360 Advise gives every employee in your organization the tools they need to solve every problem the first time.


Bold360 Helpdesk

Our latest solution enlists AI-powered chatbots to make internal HR & IT support more efficient and effective. From standard FAQs, to complex conversations and ticketing integrations, Bold360 Helpdesk delivers the right answer now so employees can get back to work and support teams can focus on higher-value projects.


Bold360 Agent

Not everyone is ready for AI. With Bold360 Agent, you can offer your customers a welcome alternative to phone support. Reduce the cost of customer service while delivering better customer experiences with Bold360’s robust agent workspace and omni-channel live chat solution.


Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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