Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Streamlines WorldWide Support with Bold360 ai Self-Service.

Executive Summary

Thomas Cook deploys Bold360 ai in five languages across 13 websites and 4 call centers and enjoys immediate and long-term improvement in key metrics.

  • Understand customer needs to deliver personalized travel solutions in multiple markets
  • Cost-effectively provide the high level of service customers expect
  • Route inquires based on context to the most appropriate support channel
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple local websites
  • Provide consistent responses across multiple websites

Thomas Cook Streamlines WorldWide Support with Bold360 ai Self-Service.

"We've tried numerous self-service tools over the past eight years, ranging from small startup companies to full-blown enterprise solutions. Nothing can compare with the service we have delivered to our customers with Bold360 ai."

Mark Dawson, Customer Experience Administrator


Bold360 ai's self-service solution was initially deployed in the UK. Owing to the success of this pilot, the service was quickly rolled out internationally. Today, Thomas Cook uses Bold360 ai to provide online support in five languages on 13 different customer-facing websites in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France, along with four other support agent sites.

  • 20% immediate reduction in contact center volume
  • 10% reduction in agent interaction time
  • Measurable growth in engagements, conversions, and customer satisfaction

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