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Personalizing telco support with innovative video kiosks.

Executive Summary

By deploying video chat on its telecom customer’s retail store kiosks, Tech Mahindra is able to support walk-in customers with personalization and innovation, leading to the highest Net Promoter Scores of all previous support channels offered.


When one of Tech Mahindra’s clients, a leading telecommunications company in Asia, opened next-generation, interactive retail spaces across the Philippines, it wanted a customer-support solution as innovative as its concept stores. Tech Mahindra needed to be able to provide premium customer support for all walk-ins while reining in costs. And the solution needed to be customized according to the telecom’s brand guidelines, to scale as operations grow and to be supported remotely when needed—all in a space that would fit within a small retail footprint.

Personalizing telco support with innovative video kiosks.

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“We’ve been using BoldChat to run a telecom client’s interactive video support ops across 50+ kiosks in the Philippines. The NPS we achieve with BoldChat video support is significant.”

Haresh Gowri, Platform Owner – CareXa Tech Mahindra


Tech Mahindra quickly deployed BoldChat in more than 50 video kiosks across 26 stores, allowing 38 agents to offer video chat 13 hours a day, seven days a week. The white-labeled solution allows Tech Mahindra agents to support customers as an extension of the telecom’s team within a custom-branded, digital environment, giving customers a seamless brand experience. When customers need assistance, they are able to use the kiosk for immediate, face-to-face support. And by enlisting BoldChat Professional Services, Tech Mahindra completed setup and training in less than two weeks. Additionally, the Tech Mahindra team is able to manage the kiosks remotely using LogMeIn Central to keep them up and running.


With BoldChat video chat on interactive kiosks, Tech Mahindra’s client has experienced significant benefits, including:

  • Net Promoter Scores that surpass all other existing customer support channels, thanks in large part to personalized, face-to-face experiences
  • Improved RPU (revenue per user) by providing a better customer experience
  • Fast implementation in less than two weeks from deployment through training
  • Improvement across service levels, average handle time and agent login hours
  • Favorable brand perception among customers
  • High adoption of video chat compared to other channels

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