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LogMeIn treats employees like valued customers with Bold360.

Executive Summary

Bold360 Helpdesk assists LogMeIn’s HR team with delivering a “consumer-like” employee experience by answering questions 24/7, providing convenient access with relevant answers to HR concerns.


LogMeIn is one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies, providing solutions that empower the workforce, create simpler internal and external collaboration and give better insights into customer journeys. With about 4,000 employees globally, LogMeIn’s HR team faced the challenge of offering a strong, positive employee experience. As the company continuously expands, the HR team sought more effective and efficient methods to scale without compromising employee service levels. The team often encountered multiple repetitive questions from employees, especially during the U.S. Benefits Open Enrollment period.

“Historically we have experienced a 60-75% increase in inquiry volume during Open Enrollment that we just couldn’t get to. In the Fall of 2018, we needed to actively enroll over 2,000 employees in their benefits where every person had to take an action. We had new benefits and were using a different open enrollment system. Even working extended hours, our service levels had previously suffered, and these circumstances would bring enormous volume” said Susan Treadway, Senior Director, HR Operations at LogMeIn.

To improve the employee experience, the HR team opted to extend their self-service knowledge database from the internal HR intranet to an AI-based virtual assistant. The LogMeIn HR team turned to its colleagues on the Bold360 team to learn how a chatbot could assist with handling the most common and anticipated FAQs.

LogMeIn treats employees like valued customers with Bold360.

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"We launched Benny in less than a month, and the results far exceeded our expectations. Benny never takes time off or even takes a break, so it’s super productive and gets smarter with employee use. I honestly can no longer imagine life without Benny,"

Susan Treadway, Senior Director, HR Operations at LogMeIn


Within a month, the HR team launched “Benny,” LogMeIn’s AI-based virtual benefits assistant and strongly marketed it internally to employees. Using a data-driven workflow, the HR team set out to track every inquiry that came into Benny to determine how it handled each question – and if Benny couldn’t answer the question, it would then be escalated to the AskHR team.

After the initial training and setup, the HR team managed Benny internally without any need for additional technical assistance, as the Bold360 Helpdesk dashboard and backend made it easy and user-friendly for non-technical teams to run.

“The difference with Benny is that we can update and tweak it quickly if we see there is a need for new content. We can add a new article or modify an existing answer to better address a question in minutes and make it live,” said Treadway.


Within the first month of launch, Benny had exceeded expectations, and, over the course of the full 2018 Open Enrollment period, it handled 75% of inquiry volume – easily surpassing the 15-20% goal the HR team had initially set.

“We saw immediate results because you can monitor the performance in the AI dashboard in real time. Within the first couple of days after we introduced Benny, we sat waiting for the usual onslaught of email inquiries, but it didn’t happen.” said Treadway.

Since Benny’s launch, the HR team has evolved the platform to move beyond the U.S. and deploy it within 12 countries. The AI virtual assistant is:

  • Answering 1,458 questions during the 2018 U.S. Open Enrollment period with only 460 questions requiring escalation to a HR team member for greater personalized attention.
  • Demonstrating the need to provide employees with a “consumer-like” experience through 24/7 convenient access, immediate accuracy and relevant answers.
  • Allowing HR team members to handle more complex questions faster.
  • Proactively handling any ad hoc HR events/ initiatives, like United Way campaigns and questions from Massachusetts-based employees regarding the MA Paid Family & Medical Leave Act.
  • Supporting year-end performance coaching processes, including annual reviews, merit increases and bonus cycles.
  • Providing information on benefits and payroll specific to each country by understanding the difference between a question for one geo vs. another.

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