Exent Technologies

A game-changing, on-demand support solution.

Executive Summary

Combined, Rescue and BoldChat enabled Exent to improve its customer service quality while also boosting efficiency and speed.

  • 87%Increase in Exent’s first contact resolution rate
  • 12 minutesDecrease in first contact resolution time (from 24 hours)
  • 35%Drop in costs due to staff productivity gains

"LogMeIn has become an integral part of our business. Whenever BoldChat is available on our partner Games on Demand services, we’ve seen approximately 95 percent of end users choose chat over all other forms of communication. The combination of BoldChat and Rescue ensures that our CSRs have the tools to instantly communicate with customers and deliver exactly what they need, when they need it, and that’s what an exceptional customer experience is all about."

David Freund, Director of Project Management and Customer Service Exent Technologies


The world’s leading provider of Games on Demand, Exent Technologies works with major telecommunications companies to deliver and support its GameTanium game services to end users. Given the immediate nature of on-demand gaming, Exent’s telco customers expect instant support and exceptional service for their subscribers. This created a colossal customer service challenge.

  • Exent Technologies needed to improve its first-contact resolution rate.
  • The company sought out a fast, powerful, efficient online chat and click-to-call solution.
  • The tool had to enable customer service representatives to remotely access consumers’ devices to resolve technical issues directly.

To address these challenges, Exent Technologies turned to LogMeIn Rescue and BoldChat Enterprise. Rescue provided the remote support capabilities that Exent needed to resolve users’ technical issues quickly and efficiency while delivering a high-quality customer experience. Meanwhile, BoldChat Enterprise delivers live chat tools, click-to-call capabilities and email management, thereby improving agents’ abilities to answer customer questions instantly while promoting special offers.


Combined, Rescue and BoldChat enabled Exent to improve its customer service quality while also boosting efficiency and speed.

  • Exent’s first contact resolution rate increased to about 87 percent.
  • First contact resolution time decreased from 24 hours to less than 12 minutes.
  • Staff productivity gains led to a 35 percent drop in costs.
  • Improved service resulted in increased customer retention, loyalty, satisfaction and lifetime value.