Mobile live chat targets customers wherever they are.

As more customers today turn to mobile devices to browse, research, purchase, and seek support for products and services, mobile live chat enables businesses to increase mobile sales, satisfy mobile customers, and improve the productivity of your agents.

While chat support on a website helps close more sales, increase the value of each transaction, and improve customer loyalty, providing mobile live chat is a different ballgame. Mobile customers interact with websites quite differently, spending less time on pages and reading text less closely. To engage customers on the go, your mobile live chat solution must adjust to these behavioral patterns and display optimally on different devices and screen sizes.

With the right mobile online chat solution, you can engage mobile visitors as easily and effectively as you provide chat for your website. And for many companies worldwide, mobile live chat solution from Bold360 is the answer.

Mobile live chat from Bold360

Powered by LogMeIn, Bold360 delivers market-leading website chat solutions to simplify the task of building better customer engagement. Bold360’s live chat app provides a robust set of tools – including mobile live chat – enabling customers to easily seek help from a live agent as they navigate the purchase process.

Bold360’s mobile live chat creates a unique mobile experience letting customers interact with your brand in a way that matches their expectations, habits, and devices. With mobile live chat from Bold360, you can:

  • Increase mobile commerce sales through easily accessible agent engagement from any device.
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience by customizing your mobile chat service to communicate with customers in your unique voice and brand personality.
  • Improve the effectiveness of mobile live chat by using proactive chat rules and invitations for mobile visitors.

All the tools you need for superior mobile live chat

Mobile live chat from Bold360 offers several critical features to help engage mobile visitors.

  • Layered chat technology superimposes a chat conversation directly onto a webpage using a semi-transparent window which visitors can easily minimize at will.
  • In-app deployment lets you embed chat directly in native iOS and Android apps, allowing visitors to chat with an agent without ever leaving the app.
  • Mobile chat invitations help maximize customer engagement, giving customers the power to start a conversation whenever they want.
  • Mobile-aware chat windows automatically sense and adjust if they are rendering on a mobile form-factor.

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