Satisfy customers more easily with a live chat app.

Providing a superior customer experience can boost sales and increase loyalty, and a live chat app on your website is the perfect place to start.

Visitors to your site frequently need help or have questions. A live chat app lets them converse with a live customer service agent, allowing them to quickly get assistance with products and services, resolve issues, ask for recommendations and have a personal contact with your brand. Rather than abandoning their cart when they run into trouble, online chat support allows them to overcome any barriers to conversion.

The numbers prove the value of a live chat app. Customers who use an online chat app are 4.6 times more likely to convert than other customers, and the value of their purchases is 60% higher on average.

Bold360 delivers the market-leading live chat app.

Bold360 offers the world’s most flexible live chat app and omni-channel solution to build better customer engagement. Powered by LogMeIn, this customer service chat solution provides a comprehensive toolset that lets you simplify the process of offering, managing and refining online chat for your website.

Bold360’s live chat app is easy to use right out of the box. You can implement and scale it quickly, and whenever you need additional features or optimization, our superior support team is ready to help.

With Bold360, you can:

  • Engage customers with a superior online experience that helps build greater brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back.
  • Drive conversions by enabling customers to get answers to questions and resolve issues quickly.
  • Improve competitiveness with a live chat app that delivers the flexibility and control you need to communicate with customers in your unique brand voice.
  • Simplify communications with a live chat app that also lets you manage all points of contact — chat, mobile chat, video chat*, email, twitter* and SMS*.

A live chat app with all the features you need to impress customers.

Bold360’s live chat app includes a robust yet easy-to-use set of capabilities, enabling you to deliver a superior chat experience while managing chat more easily. Features include:

  • Live chat capabilities, with tools for live video chat, customization, proactive chat, visitor monitoring and more.
  • Mobile engagement capabilities, with tools that let you create a superior chat experience on smart phones and tablets.
  • Omni-channel capabilities that let you manage engagement with customers across all channels, including co-browsing functions that let you share a software browser with a customer to resolve issues more quickly.
  • APIs and integration tools that let you connect chat data with other customer information systems.
  • Administrative and reporting tools that give you full control over your live chat app.

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