Bulletproof Your Omni-Channel Strategy: Top Tips for Connecting with Today’s “Everywhere” Customer


In a hyperconnected world, the path to purchase is more like hopscotch than a straight line. Consumers research a product on a desktop, launch a live chat to question product details and push the 'Buy' button three days later on their mobile phone.

Successful retailers now are omni-channel: they must be there with the right support wherever their customer is--not only on different channels and devices, but on different places in purchase consideration and even post-purchase. And to deliver the consistent experience shoppers now expect, they must link the shopper’s experience from each channel and device to the next shopper touchpoint.

For retailers who master these connections, the ROI will be huge. But the shift to truly omni-channel sales and service doesn’t happen overnight, so what are all the tools necessary for success?

This on-demand webinar covers:

  • Proven strategies for growing your omni-channel success
  • An industry view of how well online retailers are tracking overall on serving up a top-notch omni-channel experience

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