Travel & Hospitality:

Drive loyalty and revenue with personalized customer experiences.

Hotels, airlines, cruises and other travel & hospitality providers have recently shifted into overdrive to improve Customer Experience, and they’re leveraging technology more so than ever to give customers the autonomy and flexibility to customize their travel experience. Brands that leverage customer data and self-service technologies come out on top.


Personalization outlives the hype

Personalization has become a bit of a buzz word in Customer Experience, but in the Travel & Hospitality industry, the idea lives on as a key differentiator for brands who can deliver it. The focus on personalized service in the travel & hotel industry is likely to continue, as almost 90% of worldwide travelers now view a personalized approach as more of an expectation than something extraordinary.

Customers have choices. Make sure they choose you.

Private rentals continue to threaten the hotel industry, but their lack of amenities and options mean there is an opportunity for hotels to attract guests who are looking for more than any old mattress and pillow. Digital transformation has similarly impacted airlines, as third-party booking sites brought visibility into base fairs and forced airlines to unbundle products and services. Now price-conscious flyers and guests who desire a premium experience can both have what they want.

Deliver powerful personalization.

Bold360 gives your business the power to deliver a personalized, self-driven experience to each one of your customers. Leveraging your customer analytics data, conversational chatbots help customers manage reservations across digital channels, devices, and even languages. Human agents can seamlessly join the conversation when needed, without missing a beat. Here's how we deliver what matters most to travel and hospitality customers.


Rich Mobile Experiences

When customers are on-the-go, the quality of your mobile engagement really matters. Customers need robust mobile tools so they can modify travel plans, contact support, and confirm changes all from their smartphone.

Bold360 has you covered. Our Mobile SDK enables businesses to embed chat in their native iOS and Android applications, creating a seamless engagement experience for their customers across chatbot and live agent support.


Proactive Outreach

When bad weather or another misfortune throws a wrench into your customers’ travel plans, they’re not going to be happy. Creating positive customer experiences can be tricky when circumstances are out of your business’s control. But there is a way to get out in front of the travel woes and delight your customers: Proactively reach out with revised arrangements and information to help your customers through the situation. Bold360’s proactive AI helps you reach all of your customers before they have to call you for assistance.


Personalized Engagement

Whether looking to manage a reservation on their own via a self-service chatbot, or to connect with a human agent for help, customers expect your business to be up to speed. If you don’t recognize them as a loyalty customer, have past reservations and preferences on hand, and anticipate what they need before they ask, you’re not meeting expectations. Leverage the data you have to create memorable experiences that make customers feel special.


Multilingual AI Chatbots and Human Agents

Travel & Hospitality is a global business. Customers need to be able to connect with someone who literally speaks their language.

Bold360’s conversational travel chatbots are learning new languages every day, and our solution fully integrates with GeoFluent’s translation services, so you and your customers can always communicate seamlessly, even when you’re not speaking the same language.


Instant Answers

Customers who reach out for support while traveling are probably in a pickle. Cancelled flights, no hotel room, or broken-down rental cars mean your customers feel agitated and need immediate support. Bold360 connects them to you instantly, via any digital channel, so you can quickly help them get back on their way.


Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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