What’s New – October 2018 Edition​

We know that giving your prospects and customers a better experience means we have to give you a better experience. That’s why we’re rolling out BOLD new features that enable you to be there when they need you most, even if it's after hours or in a language you don't understand.​ Here are some of the highlights from this release:​

Proactive AI Chatbot​

Stop Waiting and Start Engaging​

With this release, Bold360 delivers Proactive AI, enabling companies to to deliver timely and relevant chatbot messages for a variety of use cases, from lead acquisition to conversion and into post-sale support.

  • Be there when your customers need you, even after business hours.
  • Educate website visitors with information about products or services they’re considering
  • Increase average order value by suggesting complimentary purchases
  • Reduce cart abandonment by reaching out to help with the checkout process

    New Conversational Languages & Translations​

    Serving your customers in their native language boosts conversions and brand loyalty. But staffing a multilingual contact center can be expensive. That’s why we continue to expand the languages we offer with chatbots and translation services.​

    Our conversational AI chatbot is now fluent in German, Dutch, Norwegian, and Hindi (in addition to English and Hebrew).​

    Automatic translations for the chatbot via GeoFluent Translation Services are in beta. GeoFluent remains available to Bold360 customers using live agent chat.


    Carousel Card Builder​

    Sharing rich media like pictures and videos enhances a chat conversation, but in a small chat window, you have to do it right.

    Carousel cards are a great way to fit a lot of content inside a chat widget, and with our new Carousel Card builder, it’s even easier to create these scrolls of actionable links, pictures, and videos.​



    Monitor View Enhancements​

    In this release we delivered several new features in the Monitor View of the Dashboard.​

    1. Monitor View for Emails: You can now see queued, active, and closed Emails along with engagements from other channels in the Monitor View.
    2. Initial Question for Queued Chats: The Monitor View now displays the initial question from the customer for all queued chats.
    3. Warnings: You can now create warning threshold rules (based on duration) to highlight engagements needing Supervisor attention.



    Additional Improvements​

    • Agent Productivity: We’ve made several enhancements to the agent workspace to improve the agent experience and their productivity when working with multiple items.
    • Accessibility Updates: Several improvements were made to the chatbot widget so it better aligns with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, designed to ensure websites are accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

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