Knowledge management system

To ensure best possible outcomes, you not only need to make the right information available, but also connect customers to the right resource at the right time. Bold360 ai can help with both by making a knowledge management system intelligent.

Knowledge Base Reinvented

Take an outside-in approach to delivering the best results.

Most companies build their knowledge base through internal efforts, assuming what questions or issues customers will bring. Bold360 ai takes the opposite approach, identifying friction points and gaps where new knowledge articles are required. You'll know exactly where to focus, so you can work more efficiently.

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Simplified Knowledge Management Software

Easy and accessible for customers and agents.

Customers run from complex and confusing knowledge bases. Bold360's knowledge management system provides an easily navigated system for a first-class customer journey that empowers customer to help themselves. Agents can also find information easily, allowing them to work more productively and help customers more accurately.


Ubiquitous Knowledge Management and Delivery

Deliver a consistent customer experience, everywhere.

With Bold360 ai, company knowledge is centralized and remains consistent whether accessed by web self-service, mobile applications, email, chat, social media, or any other customer engagement platform. One set of information ensures that company knowledge can be accessed quickly and efficiently across all touchpoints.

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