If operational efficiency is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place. Our live chat routing capabilities at the department, agent and work item levels can be as simple or detailed as you need them to be. As your business grows and chat volume rises, you’ll find automatic routing is a lifesaver.

Routing Rules

Automatically route inbound customer communications to the right place, so that agents, or groups of agents, can take ownership of appropriate items and use the best tools available to assist.

Why It Matters

By setting up departments, folders and permission groups, you can:

  • Segment sales from support for inbound customer communications.
  • Support multiple websites with either the same or totally different teams.

More Control

Especially useful in high volume environments, Bold360 gives administrators even more control over work assignments based on agent workload, department rollovers, and other factors.

  • Automatic Distribution Engine: Sophisticated logic distributes incoming work to the right agent based on reassignment time thresholds or number of concurrent work items allowed, and on-site chat buttons can be automatically disabled if the queue gets too long.
  • Assignment Algorithms: Choose to have work delivered in a round-robin, least-busy, or most-busy methodology. You can even mix assignment algorithms within your account if you like. Select round-robin for sales and least-busy for support, for example.
  • Multi-Department Rollover: If one department is unavailable, inbound communications can be rolled over to another department, based on your preferred hierarchy.

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