Reporting & Analytics

With Bold360, nothing is locked inside a black box. You have access to every insight and have control over every rule and setting, so you can make any changes that you see fit to improve your business metrics.

Actionable Insights

Improve the customer journey in real time.

Know what your customers are looking for and where they’re experiencing friction, so you can impact you customer experience (CX). Bold360 shows you real-time data so you can take real-time action. You can see what questions your customers are asking and where they’re asking it for a clear view of the customer journey.

  • Get a full view of your customer interaction data in Bold360’s Voices Dashboard 
  • Go live now, and use real-time insights to improve over time
  • No data scientists or coders needed to go live, interpret data, or implement changes

Smart Routing & Resource Management

Consistent content for better results.

Analytic reliability is built through consistency. You can’t measure what is or isn’t working if agents and customers are getting different answers for the same queries. Bold360 ensures uniformity of responses by consolidating all data into one centralized knowledge base, showing you where you should create and update articles, and consistently routing the same queries to the right resource for resolution.

  • Deploy now and build your knowledge base as you go, with guidance from Bold360’s AI
  • Provide one centralized source of truth for all agents and customers to access from all channels
  • Ensure customers are always routed to the right resource for resolution

One-Shot Learning

AI that starts learning on day one.

Most AI solutions available today require years of data and specific scripting to get started. Bold360 ai allows you to begin with what you have and learns from every interaction, identifying customer pain points and areas where you can optimize the customer experience as you go.

  • View customer inquiries in real-time with Bold360’s Voices Dashboard
  • Bold360’s AI gets smarter with every interaction- no repetition necessary

Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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