Omni-Channel Engagement

Give your customers more choice, and bring engagements from all of their favorite channels into one unified workspace for your agents. Seamless transitions from chatbots to live human agents mean more efficiency and happier customers.

What is Omni-channel Customer Engagement?

Omni-channel (or multichannel) engagement breaks down communication silos. This approach allows customers to engage with your business on any channel they prefer, and your agents can manage those channels in one unified workspace.

Benefits of an omni-channel strategy with Bold360:

  • Increased customer satisfaction. Customer expectations are higher than ever. Give them more choice with an omni-channel approach.
  • More productive agents. A unified agent workspace treats all channels the same, so agents don't waste time toggling between screens and applications.
  • Actionable Insights. Managing all channels in a unified solution gives your business a 360-degree view of your customers' needs and enables unified reporting.

Live chat

Offer more than phone and email.​

At the heart of Bold360 is a world-class live chat solution. Built with powerful features and tight security, our live chat software brings businesses out of the dark age and into the digital age.

Packed with customizability and robust reporting, you can tailor the experience to meet your customer and business needs.​

Whether proactively reaching out to website visitors or responding in real-time to incoming queries, Bold360 has all the tools you need for live chat success.


Messaging Apps​

Meet your customers on the channels they prefer.​

Messaging apps are perhaps the popular personal communication channel on the planet. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat combined have more than 4 billion1 monthly active users. And 89% of consumers2 globally would like to use these intermittent (or asynchronous) messaging apps to communicate with businesses too. Enable your customers to engage on their own terms.​

Bold360 offers numerous messaging channels, including:

  • SMS/text
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Microsoft Teams

1 Statista 2019
2 Twilio and Vanson Bourne Mobile Messaging Consumer Survey 2016

Social Media

Turn followers into customers.​

Businesses are directly engaging with some of their most loyal customers through social media interfaces like Facebook Messenger and Twitter. But with many software solutions, agents have to toggle between screens or tools to manage those conversations, creating inefficiencies and reporting challenges.

Bold360 consolidates all social media interactions into a unified back-end workspace, so agents can understand the full context of every conversation and deliver faster, more personalized service.



Take control of your inbox.

Though customer engagements are moving to chat and social media, recent research shows that email remains one of the most preferred engagement channels among consumers across the globe.

Bold360 treats emails just like all other channels – assigning, routing, and transferring inquiries in whatever way your business decides.


Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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