Customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping allows you to understand how customers interact with your brand at every touchpoint. Data gathered as customers move from awareness to engagement, purchase to loyalty, and even where they drop off allows you to see a complete picture of your customer experience. By putting all the pieces of your customer journey map together, you can gain in-depth understanding of your customers’ expectations, preferences, and aversions to make informed decisions on where, how, and when to engage with them. When supported by reliable and robust data, customer journey mapping enables you to optimize each touchpoint for the outcomes you want to achieve and create a seamless experience for your customers across channels, devices, and buyer stages.

Customer Journey Mapping Tools

There are many customer journey mapping tools businesses use to harvest data when building their customer journey map, including running various reports from CRM systems, but Voice of the Customer technologies simplify much of this process. For instance, Bold360’s Voices technology breaks down customer inquiries and organizes detailed sets of information into hierarchical structures, prioritizing them based on areas of importance and the level of satisfaction with the options currently available. It helps you see what inquiries are coming in, what’s being asked most frequently, and where these questions are happening. You can even drill down into the variations of the phrases customers use to fully understand what they’re looking for. The Voices dashboard red-flags which questions are being asked most often, providing a clear directive for content creation and prioritization. This makes the entire process of content optimization more efficient and ensures areas requiring attention can be addressed.

Buyer Journey Map

A buyer journey map captures the customer’s purchasing experience from beginning to end. As a subset of the customer journey map, which includes the entire customer experience across the customer lifetime, the buyer journey includes the pivotal moments from consideration to purchase. By understanding your buyer journey map, you can optimize conversion opportunities. Bold360 ai allows you to track conversions across your website, so you can see which areas are working well in terms of getting customers to buy, and which areas need work. By seeing which pages customers are visiting and where they converting, you can strategize how to remove barriers to purchase with strategies like adding proactive chat to answer questions when a customer lingers on a product page or to nudge a customer if they’ve abandoned a full shopping cart.

Customer Experience Analytics

Customer journey mapping gives you deep understanding into how customers are engaging with your company, but how do you know if your efforts to improve the experience are working or not? Metrics help to measure the health and overall performance of the customer journey. The following key performance indicators (KPI) are some of the more commonly used when conducting customer experience analytics:

  • Conversion Rate: The bottom line of your customer journey effectiveness is how well you site is converting visitors to buyers.
  • Bounce Rate: Seeing the percentage of users who visit your website and leave without viewing a second page can offer insights into brand awareness.
  • Exit Rate: Seeing where you lose customers across all touchpoints, not just web pages like Bounce rate tracks, is extremely useful for mapping the customer journey because it allows you to isolate problem touchpoints.

And of course, Customer Loyalty metrics also help you assess the big picture of your customer experience effectiveness.

If you need any help with customer experience analytics, Bold360’s experienced Professional Services team can provide consultative guidance and expertise. We can help you figure out how to best analyze your customer journey and determine a best course of engagement across each step to meet your specific business goals and deliver a consistent, positive customer experience from pre- to post-purchase. Learn more about Professional Services.

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