Natural Language Understanding

You can’t deliver a great customer experience if your chatbot doesn’t understand what your customer is saying. Natural Language Understanding allows your customers to speak naturally, and for your chatbot to understand them.

What is NLU?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) enables chatbots to understand unstructured human language. Chatbots powered with Bold360 ai NLU are context-aware, meaning they can understand even hidden information, can handle complex sentences that contain a lot of information, don’t need exact keyword matches, and can retain information from previous questions to make conversations flow naturally.

Chatbot with NLU

How Artificial Intelligence understands natural language.

Humans can understand each other despite mispronunciations, misspellings, swapped words, grammatical errors, and colloquialisms. Traditional chatbots need more structured input than that, like form fields and matching phrases. But Bold360 ai uses proprietary algorithms to break down unstructured language into recognizable inputs and consider contextual information to understand the customer’s natural language, quirks and all.

AI Understanding Natural Language

NLU’s role in Natural Language Processing.

NLU is the first step in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Once the customer’s intent is understood with NLU, NLP takes that understanding and generates the appropriate response while keeping the interaction conversational.

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Relationship between NLU and NLP

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