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In the age of the customer, it’s important to engage with your customers quickly, effectively, and on their terms. Count on Bold360 to help you improve your customer experience (CX), increase conversions, and stand out from the competition — all through the power of natural conversations.

Live Chat

Fast resolutions make happy customers.

It’s no coincidence that more customers prefer online chat over phone and email for customer service. They don’t want to be slowed down. Be there when they have a question, or better yet, proactively reach out before they ask to demonstrate that you’re a customer-centric company.

  • Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots assist customers immediately and transition to agents seamlessly
  • Virtual agents work behind the scenes to assist your human agents
  • Customize your branding, how your chatbot behaves, agent transition rules – everything
  • Gain insights to optimize the customer journey
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Omni-Channel Engagement

Choice for customers, ease for agents.

Your customers shouldn’t have to track down ways to get in touch. Be where your customers want to be, even on emerging channels, without overwhelming your agents. Bold360 is your one, centralized system to handle all agent and AI-powered engagements across channels.

  • Support agent productivity with one AI-powered workspace to manage chat, email, social, SMS, and more
  • Scale channels and interaction volume without adding complexity
  • Future-proof your engagement strategy with channel-agnostic AI technology
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Conversational AI

Delight customers with chatbots that speak their language.

As humans, we each express ourselves differently and shouldn’t have to conform to a simplistic chatbot’s understanding. The value of Bold360’s conversational AI comes from its ability to interpret complex language, remember context over the course of an interaction, and deliver conversational replies.

  • Customer and agent-facing chatbots are ready for conversations from day one
  • Powered by Bold360’s patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Natural Language Understanding (NLU), our chatbots understand intent without matching keywords
  • Stay on the forefront of conversational commerce, and let customers execute transactions with chatbots
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