Agent Productivity

Searching for information and jumping between platforms zaps agent productivity. Bold360 consolidates everything agents need to do their jobs across channels, while artificial intelligence (AI) helps them every step of the way.

Bot & Agent Harmony

Bots have your agents’ backs.

Agents are good at having one-on-one, high-value conversations. Chatbots are good at finding information and fielding routine queries. Bold360 maximizes both. With chatbots assisting customers on the frontlines, agents are freed up to solve more complex issues. Customers get fast, seamless service, and you get more productive agents.

  • Save agents from mundane tasks and offer customers fast responses with AI chatbots 
  • Set up agents for success during chatbot transitions with full context delivered from self-service 
  • Boost efficiency with virtual agents working behind the scenes to assist agents during live engagements
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Intelligent Routing

Maximize each agent’s expertise.

Take the time-consuming task of re-routing queries off your agents’ plates and let them focus on taking care of issues that match their expertise. Bold360’s AI understands what customers are asking and automatically routes queries to the right resource for resolution.

  • Automatically send customers to the right knowledge base article, web page, or live agent for resolution
  • Set rules that help you reach business goals, like sending high-value traffic from a specific webpage directly to agents
Start routing the smart way

Remote Support

Solve complex issues on the spot.

Sometimes it’s easier to see what’s going on than to just talk about it. Rich capabilities within Bold360 give agents everything they need to start a remote support or co-browsing session within a live chat window. Agents stay productive without having to jump platforms, and customers appreciate the immediate assistance.

  • Offer a seamless customer experience (CX) without cumbersome software downloads
  • Support agents as they support customers with AI offering helpful information during the session
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