Must Know Customer Engagement Trends

Consumers are finding your business on social, through ads and even in apps. For each entryway to your business, you need to have support accessible and ready. Not providing accessibility and a positive experience will ruin a consumer’s engagement – and ultimately opinion of your business.

Bold360 can help.

Bold360 empowers your business to engage with customers across multiple digital channels and devices at every stage; which is why we’re sharing five key trends driving customer engagement strategies. These trends will hopefully help shape your support process.

Trend Highlights

Millennials are changing the buyer's journey

The amount of money millennials spend annually will leave you speechless. As the most informed and least trusting of generations, millennials may not be impulsive buyers but when they do decide to spend money, they spend.

Customers don’t feel connected

Find out the number of channels customers use to get support. Hint: it isn’t one. Which is why delivering a quality omni channel experience for customers is crucial to your business success.

Tailored experiences stand out

Today’s customers won’t stand for “generic marketing.” Instead, each customer is expecting an experience tailored specifically to/for them. In fact, 78% of consumers say that personalized promotions encourage them to make a repeat purchase.

For more key trends and insights on what keeps consumers engaged and loyal to your brand, download the eBook.

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