APIs and SDKs

Connect. Extend. Simplify. Leverage BoldChat to its fullest potential. 

In today’s world of interconnectivity, applications that restrict functionality and lock up data in silos are on the path to obsolescence. BoldChat’s robust APIs and SDKs help break down barriers between applications, streamlining effciencies and maximizing what you can accomplish when everything is interconnected.

BoldChat’s Flexible APIs and SDKs:

  • Give you the ability to integrate BoldChat with other systems (such as CRM, ticketing, and knowledgebase) and create highly customized deployments 
  • Let BoldChat read and write information to and from external systems 
  • Enable you to build your own visitor interfaces for mobile or desktop applications 
  • Are language agnostic, modern RESTful APIs with JSON interface for ease of interoperability 
  • Leverage HTTPs-only authenticated API calls with SHA-512 tokens for robust security