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Enriching the customer experience through the harmony of live chat.

Executive Summary

Liberty Safe’s chatbot, Libby, offers customers an efficient experience and eliminates the long wait time of connecting with a live service agent.


As the top seller and provider of full-size residential safes in the U.S., Liberty Safe and Security Products offers the broadest line of home, gun, office and commercial safes from any one company. Since the company started in 1988, Liberty Safe’s customer service team is dedicated to providing the best service and support. The company offers a robust series of articles online; however, the majority of customer interactions were phone calls into the team.

“We wanted to give our customers another avenue to contact us rather than just calling into our team. Our goal was to improve the customer experience by allowing customers to get simpler and more frequently asked questions addressed with an AI-enabled chatbot,” said Brandon Davis, customer service manager at Liberty Safe.

Liberty Safe met with several companies to explore the use of a chatbot, but experienced some confusion from all the options in the market. “We had several conversations with various chatbot companies prior to speaking with Bold360. However, we found that these firms couldn’t answer our specific questions or needs – they weren’t as knowledgeable about how their products could fit our business needs. LogMeIn’s Bold360 team understood how it would help us. It felt they could really be a partner for the long-term with us rather than just a vendor supplying a product,” said Davis.

Enriching the customer experience through the harmony of live chat.

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"Customers have said that they love Libby and it is nice to have someone who can provide an easy answer rather than calling in and waiting on hold. It puts Liberty Safe into an advanced category in the 21st century. We are a customer-centric company and adding another layer to assist customers has been a welcome addition, especially as Libby creates an efficient experience for customers and agents."

Brandon Davis, Customer Service Manager, Liberty Safe


Liberty Safe implemented "Libby", their AI-enabled chatbot, to provide customers assistance for new sales inquiries and 24x7 support to answer frequently asked questions such as the weight of a safe, what to do if a combination or key was lost, how to change a battery in a lock and more.

"We continue to optimize Libby to improve and streamline the customer experience. Within days of launching Libby, we saw a direct correlation between the decrease in the number of calls coming into the customer service team and engagement on the bot. Our agents are now freed up to handle larger and more complex customer tasks," said Davis.

Liberty Safe streamlined its internal processes with dedicated agents to handle chat escalations. Agents are able to answer calls and be more efficient in their approach to customer interactions. Additionally, agents are benefitting from further transparency into previous customer interactions. They can see how the customer may have engaged with Libby and the questions asked which assists in resolving issues quicker than taking a blind customer call.


Libby allows agents to have deeper customer interactions and have the time to resolve issues quicker. According to Davis, Libby acts as another member of the team providing support 24x7.

"Our customer team is here Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to answer calls and address questions. We would see a large spike in calls on Monday mornings from customers who had been waiting over the weekend to have their questions addressed. Since the launch of Libby, this has decreased as questions are handled during off-hours," said Davis.

The building of Libby's knowledge base streamlined the information management process internally. "An unexpected benefit came from building out the content. The database is used by Libby and agent alike to answer questions, so we have more uniform responses for addressing frequently asked questions or issues. We are continuing to build this database up over time to ensure content is always fresh," noted Davis.

Additionally, Liberty Safe agents can now share a screen with a customer to best direct them to content on their resource pages for problem-solving. And the team is looking into the future use of the chatbot to help with sales questions.

Since the launch of Libby, Liberty Safe has experienced:

  • A 25% drop in call volume–Liberty Safe went from an average of 220 calls a day to 165 calls.
  • A drastic improvement in average call wait time, from 15-16 minutes to approximately 3.5 minutes.
  • An increase in CSAT score from an average of 70% to 75%.

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