The Sunday Times: Businesses Enter the Next Phase of AI

Business leaders across the UK, especially those in Chief Digital and Chief Innovation Officer roles, are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate value for their businesses in new ways. The Sunday Times supplement “AI for Business” explains that as AI chatbots reach a level of maturity in contact centres, businesses are looking to other parts of the organisation where this kind of automation can be leveraged to improve customer satisfaction as well as operational efficiency. Use cases now range from customer service, to marketing to employee enablement.

The supplement also features the implementation of Bold360, our Customer Engagement platform, at See Tickets, one of the largest ticketing companies in the world. The solution helps See Ticket’s customer service agents deal with the huge amount of incoming enquiries, seeing a self-service rate of 95%.

Download the feature to learn about:

  • New use cases for conversational AI beyond customer service
  • Organisational culture shifts to drive digital strategy
  • See Ticket’s journey and success with AI