Groundbreaking intelligence,
Customer Self Service made simple.

Bold360 ai self-service software transforms the way you engage with your customers by making every interaction intelligent.

How Bold360 puts
artificial intelligence to work.

Better customer outcomes start here.

A.I. behind every interaction

Imagine a world where your customers always get the outcomes they desire, leaving every engagement delighted. Bold360 ai builds artificial intelligence into every customer self-service and agent interaction to solve the toughest customer problems faster, and with a personalized experience.

Fastest time-to-value

Most A.I. solutions require months of setup or significant data analysis before delivering real value. But Bold360 ai is an easy self-service solution to implement, and it starts identifying customer pain points and gaps in resources or routing from the very first customer interaction. You'll see value in weeks, not months.

Engage Everywhere

Whether you use one engagement channel or eight, Bold360 ai won't break a sweat. You can support your customers no matter how they want to interact.

Discover smarter, more personalized engagement.

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