Are You Mobile-Minded Enough to Keep Your Customers Happy?


Mobile devices as shopping tools aren’t a trend; they’re the norm. When it comes to engaging with retailers, consumers are overwhelmingly choosing to go mobile. They are shifting their purchases, inquiries, and browsing habits from their laptops and desktops to their smartphones and tablets. And, they are making this massive device shift with high expectations of their mobile experiences.

In this mobile-centric and highly demanding environment, are you ready to meet your customers where they want to do business? Are your channels truly mobileminded enough to perform to consumer expectations?

The first step to becoming mobile-engagement ready is getting to know the numbers. Here are a few illuminating statistics.

Mobile usage is soaring

• 55% of time spent online in June 2014 occurred on mobile devices

Device shift is real

• While most digital commerce spending still occurs on desktops, mobile is accounting for an increasingly meaningful percentage (10.5% in 2013) and is growing at significantly faster rates (23% year over year)

• 38% of smartphone owners and 31% of tablet owners will purchase on those devices in 2014 with growth for 2018 at 55% and 61% respectively Mobile commerce sales are soaring, too

• U.S. retail mobile commerce sales will soar from $57.79 billion in 2014 (19% of total web sales) to $132.69 billion in 2018 (27% of total web sales)

Earlier BoldChat and e-tailing group consumer research entitled “Effective Mobile Engagement” propelled our team to further explore actual channel experiences. Our joint goal was to move beyond survey results to provide real insights into mobile engagement and to assess how “mobile-minded” today’s retailers really are across all available touch-points.

Through our mystery-shopping framework, we were able to explore mobile engagement while effectively evaluating retailers and keeping the consumer perspective top of mind. With the concept of mobile-mindedness as our focus, we built a calculator serving as a benchmark allowing for a single unit of measurement across each channel.

We believe there are two sides to the mobile-mindedness coin:

• Customer-Centric: Customer engagement via mobile device where customer needs are resolved in a timely fashion suitable to their device and touch-point of choice.

• Retail-Centric: The degree to which an organization has implemented a coordinated set of people, processes and technology specifically aimed at addressing the service needs of mobile consumers across distinct communication channel touch-points.

This whitepaper will address both, and will begin by sharing the methodology, mobile-minded calculators and the merchants that were part of our research along with the topline findings. From there, we will delve into the details looking at each touch-point or channel from a more tactical point-of-view. Included in this section will be what makes for a mobile-minded experience, along with the supporting stat packs and requirements for effective or exemplary engagement. Lastly, we will explore the deal breakers that may cause your customers to conduct business with your competitors instead. 

After understanding the opportunity and challenge that mobile represents, we want to empower every retailer to calculate their own mobile readiness score and to candidly assess their strengths and weaknesses. The “Improving Your Score” section should be a valuable asset as a series of best practices for every channel are provided.

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