The Risks and Rewards of Digital Transformation:
Bets You Can’t Afford Not to Make


You’re hearing a lot about customer experience (CX) and digital engagement lately. You’ve probably heard that CX is an important factor– perhaps the most important factor– that separates you from your competitors. But do you really believe it? Has your business prioritized it? And are you delivering a good customer experience right now?

Bold360 teamed up with Forrester Research to measure the benefits of providing good customer experiences. We found significant benefits to increasing your customer engagement maturity, and serious risks for those who do not undergo digital transformation soon.

In this webinar, Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Ross Haskell, Lead Evangelist for Digital Engagement Technologies at LogMeIn uncover how you can move your business up the maturity curve, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and reap the rewards in NPS and revenue that your competitors may already be realizing.

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