Leveraging Video Chat for Customer Support: 3 Key Questions Answered


Delivering fast, painless and reliable service is critical for Customer Service and Support executives tasked with reducing costs and customer effort, and maximizing customer lifetime value. For a customer in need of support, no one communication channel (or channels) stands apart in their mind – their choice is highly dependent on the individual customer, the situation, and the device they’re using. The more complex the situation, the greater the level of service required. And for some situations, the best solution for quickly and effectively resolving an inquiry is a virtual face-to-face interaction via video chat.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, we share the latest trends shaping the future of personalized virtual support, including:

  • Customer preferences and expectations for video chat support
  • Example use cases for successfully integrating video chat into your support environment
  • Tips and best practices for getting started with video chat

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