Customer Engagement: How Do You Stack Up


Is your organization missing out on potential revenue due to poor customer experiences? We teamed up with Forrester to create a Customer Engagement Maturity Model that assesses where your business stands. You can see how you compare overall or just in your vertical market. Is customer engagement a differentiator for your business? How about for your competitors?

Did you know that experts in customer engagement are:

  • 30% more likely to report double-digit growth than beginners
  • 29% more likely to report increased order size over beginners
  • 16% more likely to report increased conversions

There is a bright line between customer experience/customer engagement excellence and business performance. Do you have a clear vision of where you are today and where you need to go to remain competitive?

In this on-demand webinar, you will get a deep dive into what the maturity model reveals about your organization, and how improving your score can deliver more revenue. You’ll learn about each stage of customer engagement maturity, see examples of excellence, and discover what your firm should do right now to catch up…..or stay ahead.

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