Auto Answers

Help customers find the answers they need quickly.

More and more customers are turning to web self-service channels (website, mobile app, FAQs, etc.) when looking for support. 84% of them, in fact – up from 67% in 2012.* These channels are a win-win for customers and businesses alike, as customers are able to seamlessly get the help they need, when they want it, and companies can lower support costs by eliminating many routine agent assisted inquiries.

How Does It Work?

Bold360’s Auto Answer capabilities help website visitors quickly find answers (including links and HTML content) to frequently asked questions, on their own, before being escalated to a chat session for more advanced, personalized support. Auto Answers help offset volume and deflect minor inquiries, freeing up resources for more complicated issues. They can also help to analyze and remediate customer effort, user journey pain points, and content needs on your website.

Driven by our Adaptive Canned Messaging engine, Auto Answers transforms this capability into a convenient, customer facing self-help channel. A built-in feedback mechanism continually learns from and adapts to user feedback and interactions with suggested content. Numerous configuration settings – including routing, where, when and to whom Auto Answers are presented, and escalation pathways – provide full flexibility and control for your Auto Answers implementation.

*Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service, Forrester, 2016