Keeping more customers on the move with AI self-service.

Executive Summary

When Yatra sought to reduce operational call center costs while keeping their popular business going strong, they chose AI-powered Bold360 to implement a multi-channel self-service solution. Call center volume went down, and sales went up.

"The insights we get are amazing. While we try to have answers for all the possible questions, if a customer asks a question and we don’t have an answer for it, we are able to create one within 24 hours. The next time a customer asks that same question, it is already pre-fed into the system."

Vaibhav Suri, Sr. Vice President, Domestic Holidays


Yatra, India’s leading online travel agency, offering a one-stop travel solution, wanted to reduce operational call center costs, so they set their sights on reducing the number of customer calls. At the same time, they wanted to keep their repeat customer purchase rate high at 82%. But with a knowledge base getting staler by the day, they knew they weren’t set up to provide a positive customer self-service experience. They needed a customer support automation partner to help them transform their FAQs into an effective self-service solution for their customers.


After looking at some local self-service providers, Yatra ultimately chose Bold360 ai for its robust capabilities, especially the Voices Dashboard, which shows them which customer questions cannot be answered by the knowledge base. Implementation was fast. Once their existing FAQ index was imported to Bold360 ai, Yatra gained an intelligent knowledge base that powers a self-serve chat platform, allowing it to interact with customers in real time.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of content managers and customer service reps view unanswered queries on a daily basis to ensure there is an answer for each one moving forward. Now chat, web and mobile self-service, and agent assistance are all connected by one centralized knowledge base for consistency of information across channels.


Since implementing Bold360, Yatra has experienced significant benefits, including:

  • Fast implementation, in a matter of weeks
  • Reduced call volume, even as sales increased
  • No negative impact to the high repeat purchase rate and NPS score
  • The ability to handle 150,000 queries per month
  • Lower calls-to-booking ratio, down from .15 to .10 in one year
  • 97% positive feedback (internal call center use case)
  • The ability to reduce headcount to decrease costs
  • Valuable insights into what customers want from the loyalty program, allowing them to make meaningful enhancements