A cut above the rest.

Executive Summary

Since deploying BoldChat, Whiteflash has seen a significant, positive business impact.

  • 65%Chat participants that make a purchase
  • 1,200 - 1,500Chats managed per month
  • 23%Increase in customer use of live chat
  • 44%Sales increase

"Live chat is the most important and impactful customer communications and sales channel for our business. We have been exceedingly happy with BoldChat."

Ashley Bailey, eCommerce Director Whiteflash


Whiteflash is an eCommerce diamond jeweler specializing in A CUT ABOVE® ideal cut diamonds. Widely viewed as the diamond experts and worn by countless celebrities, the Whiteflash brand is synonymous with fire, brilliance and beauty. The company used its website primarily as a means of educating prospective customers regarding the intricacies of buying a diamond. To support that mission, a live chat solution was essential.

  • The solution needed to be easy to install, operate and manage.
  • Whiteflash wanted a tool that would increase customer service and satisfaction.
  • The live chat option had to be competitively priced and offer robust features.

After considering several live chat options, Whiteflash decided to embrace BoldChat by LogMeIn. BoldChat delivered all of the functionality and usability Whiteflash needed, and more, without breaking the bank. The company also appreciated BoldChat’s extensive library of whitepapers and research, which helped Whiteflash maximize the value of its BoldChat solution.


Since deploying BoldChat, Whiteflash has seen a significant, positive business impact.

  • Whiteflash manages between 1,200 and 1,500 chats per month, and 65 percent of chat participants go on to make a purchase.
  • After adding live chat buttons to every site page, Whiteflash saw a 23 percent increase in customer use of live chat and a 44 percent boost in sales.
  • Customer satisfaction increased as consumers appreciated the opportunity to interact with actual human representatives.
  • BoldChat is ideal for Whiteflash customers around the world who are more comfortable with written English than telephone conversations.