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Executive Summary

With BoldChat, SendThisFile gained significant customer service benefits, including increased customer satisfaction and same day email responses.

"Customers tell us they’re surprised how quickly they hear back from us."

Michael Freeman, CFO SendThisFile


Launched in October 2003, SendThisFile enables customers to send and receive files that are too large for email, to and from anyone, anywhere, in just a few steps. The company has more than one million users who have sent over 36 million files. As SendThisFile grew, it began to struggle to handle incoming email volume.

  • The company was receiving as many as 500 incoming messages each day.
  • SendThisFile decided to outsource general inbound inquiries from customers.
  • For this strategy to work, a high-grade email management solution was necessary.

To meet its email management needs, SendThisFile turned to BoldChat by LogMeIn. BoldChat’s email management tool enables agents to quickly and efficiently respond to customers with canned messages and automatic message threading. This allowed SendThisFile to effectively outsource its email responses without compromising the customer experience.


With BoldChat, SendThisFile gained significant customer service benefits.

  • SendThisFile was able to outsource email support without downgrading response quality.
  • The company now responds to emails within the same business day.
  • Customer satisfaction increased as clients were surprised by the quick response times.