92 million users. 9 help center languages. One AI solution.

Executive Summary

MyHeritage increases the number of customer engagements across 92 million users with an AI-powered help center in 9 different languages.


MyHeritage is a leading global destination for discovering, preserving and sharing family history. Their platform and DNA kit make it easy for anyone to journey into their past and discover fascinating new details about themselves.

MyHeritage uses Bold360 ai to offer 24/7 customer support to its 92 million users across 9 languages. To serve its fast-growing, worldwide customer base, and to ease the load on email and phone support agents, MyHeritage needed an AI solution to deploy both internally and externally.

As more and more customers today look to find answers themselves rather than call a contact center, MyHeritage needed a smart, self-service solution to guide customers throughout their entire journey, from pre-purchase questions, to post-sale experience. Further, the company wanted a solution that could handle the complexity of customizing the user experience based on variables like language, country, and customer status.

Finally, the company stood to gain valuable insights about its customers by using AI to gather data across the thousands of email and phone inquiries it received per day, and to actually increase the number of engagements from users who have questions but don’t want to have to call for answers.

92 million users. 9 help center languages. One AI solution.

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"84% of consumers were more inclined to purchase products online when related information was presented in their own language."

"Why Localization Matters for Corporate Buyers" DePalma, Sargent, & Stewart, Common Sense Advisory, July 2014


Bold360 ai worked closely with MyHeritage to meet their high expectations for excellent customer service. With Bold360 ai, MyHeritage has a robust, multi-language database containing over 600 articles that people from all over the world can query in their native language to find answers to questions they have about MyHeritage. Over 80% of the features that MyHeritage offers have localized articles readily available for shoppers to read at their convenience.

The centralized knowledge base is utilized both externally and internally by customers and support agents alike. No matter the time of day or night, users can easily find information about products they’d like to use and buy, and get answers to questions they have about their DNA kits and family history. Customer support representatives also use Bold360 ai to access the same set of information while helping customers, quickly finding answers to questions that they don’t know.

And the best part – by harnessing the power of AI to gather data across all of these interactions, the company is able to easily identify gaps in available resources, so they can create new articles that make the customer experience even better.


24/7 Customer Support

With Bold360 ai, MyHeritage can now offer support in 9 languages, whenever and wherever the user wants it, so customers are free to shop and get answers they need whenever they want. Before Bold360 ai, MyHeritage offered only phone and email support, so many customers were limited to the hours available through the contact center. In today’s age, customers not only expect 24/7 support, but prefer to use available online resources to get an immediate answer. Bold360 ai made it possible for MyHeritage to meet these customer expectations.

Increase in Customer Engagements

After only one month of using Bold360 ai, MyHeritage already started to see an increase in customer engagements. Because MyHeritage is now offering the option for customers to engage the way they want to, they are seeing an increase in inquiries about their products and services. By giving shoppers easy access to more information, potential customers are more likely to resolve uncertainties they may have had about the products or services. Customers eager to learn the results of their DNA test don’t have to wait for call center hours or an email response to find out where their kit is. And families sitting together in the evening discussing their lineage can hop on the online help center to get immediate assistance with building a family tree.

Insights from the Voices Dashboard

MyHeritage is also able to optimize the help center to resolve more customer issues over time. The Bold360 ai Voices Dashboard clearly displays which questions are unresolved, so the company can create answers to these topics or ensure that the knowledge base content includes clearer answers for better resolution. As they continue to grow and launch new features, MyHeritage continues to gather valuable customer data from help center interactions.


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