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LogMeIn Relies on AI for Enhanced Customer Service

Executive Summary

LogMeIn turns to Bold360’s AI solution to drive frictionless customer service and support for more than 20 product lines.


LogMeIn is one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies, providing solutions that simplify how people connect with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful interactions, deepen relationships and create better outcomes for individuals and businesses. Through its merger with GoTo and other acquisitions, it now offers support for more than 20 products. With this expansion and the continual drive to improve customer service, the team wanted to provide a content-based self-service solution that could be easily managed and updated.

“Our main objective is to provide a self-service solution to our customers through our LogMeIn support sites. We started our journey with Bold360 to address our need for fresh, updated content for our customers. We felt that AI could assist with that effort, so we brought together our support into a unified, richer experience with product-specific branding and content,” said Victoria Charvet, Group Product Manager, Care Support Platform, LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Relies on AI for Enhanced Customer Service

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"A key benefit for building our customer support strategy around Bold360 is the ability to channel customer escalation to the fastest path of resolution. We can now tailor the customer flow for each of our resources, whether it is a support call, ticket, chatbot or live chat."

Victoria Charvet, Group Product Manager, Care Support Platform, LogMeIn


LogMeIn built out an integrated customer support solution with Bold360 at its core to ensure customer support is a seamless experience from online to human-assisted support. “We are using Bold360 to serve content to our customers through self-service. And Bold360’s dashboard is essential in helping our team of content writers and support agents better understand, in real-time, the top user issues and feedback related to the provided material,” said Charvet.

To assist customers in finding immediate answers, LogMeIn implemented a clean, new look to reduce visual clutter on each of its support pages through an AI-enabled search bar and three key areas tailored to each solution. As all information is grouped together with interactive drop-down menus for various content, customers do not have to navigate through various pages, and can instead navigate to the right area to further explore content for a specific product feature. Additionally, customers looking for human-assisted support seamlessly transition from online self-service with intelligent routing by guiding users to the channel that offers the fastest path to resolution.

As content is created or updated, the writers add labels to each article. Based on these labels, and the number of times each article has been viewed, Bold360 ranks and then shares the most popular content. Each LogMeIn support page also offers a customized search bar. “Rather than offering a number of diluted results, as is common with other search engines, Bold360’s AI-enabled optimization and natural language processing offers targeted results immediately. We show the top, best results every time,” said Charvet.

Looking ahead, LogMeIn is extending its customer service by utilizing the advanced features of Bold360 related to content management. “We are expanding our reach to customers by implementing help widgets directly in our products, providing support at the time and place of need, rather than requiring customers to jump between the product and support sites,” said Charvet.


With Bold360’s advanced dashboard, analytics and ability to label content, the team is able to effectively manage multiple brands and continually improve the customer self-service process, saving significant time and effort for both users and authors. “We remove the guesswork out of the equation, which is resulting in a decrease in the number of calls into our phone support center,” said Charvet.

“When we track the content and questions, we get insight into how they are being asked so we can make necessary adjustments to help custom- ers locate the most relevant article. Additionally, it has given us insight when something isn’t clear. Based on the questions, we are able to locate issues when they start to arise for quicker diagnosis and resolution,” said Charvet.

Additionally, the team saw:

  • A dip in inbound call volume, while improving the customer resolution rate
  • 28% improvement in customer effort score for the LastPass support page in just six months
  • Decreased time and effort to add or update support content through dynamic workflows and context management for different pages

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