JustFab Inc. Utilizes Bold360 ai to Drive Customer Self-Service.

Executive Summary

The technology behind Bold360 ai allowed JustFab Inc. to substantially reduce the volume of calls to their contact centers while maintaining first-class service.


JustFab Inc. is the largest fashion subscription ecommerce site in the world with multiple brands in countries around the globe. Boasting millions of members worldwide, including more than 4 million VIP members, JustFab has always understood the importance of providing high quality service to its customers.

With the heightening in popularity of their brands and services, JustFab call centers experienced a surging growth in call volume. In addition to rising costs, this meant that customer hold times were increasing and would affect the company’s ability to provide a high-level customer experience. In essence, the company needed a way to reduce the volume of inbound calls while maintaining the same first-class service their customers had come to expect. As innovators of their industry, the JustFab team quickly recognized the need to empower customers to help themselves in finding information and resolving queries through the ecommerce websites or by other channels. This would reduce the load on support team and could significantly enhance the overall experience for their customers. Appropriately, self-service became a top priority within JustFab and the organization began the vetting process in search of a solution that would provide a high level digital service experience and enable customers to easily and conveniently complete their digital tasks, reducing call volume, and increasing satisfaction.

JustFab Inc. Utilizes Bold360 ai to Drive Customer Self-Service.

"There are two types of value that Bold360 ai gives us: There’s the internal value for Headquarters – we’re saving time and money for development. Externally, customers are not just being given a list of FAQs, they’re given an entire knowledge base of information which we can update dynamically and easily."

Jeff Laxamana, GMS Product & Technology


Presented with a whole range of solution options, JustFab Inc. chose Bold360 ai to meet their digital self-service needs. Initial deployment featured a full-scale customer support center with a list of FAQs that can be updated dynamically depending on the brand and queries being submitted. This has enabled the team at JustFab to manage information from a central location, easing the burden on their developers and reducing time and costs. Additionally, for every FAQ and query response, channeling options were implemented for email, phone, and chat to ensure that customers could reach further assistance if necessary.


Prior to deployment across all of their brands, JustFab conducted A/B testing in their main business unit for the North America region. Testing allows the company to attach value for each business unit, enabling a clear understanding of the effectiveness Bold360 ai provides, both in terms of cost and performance. Initial results indicated a significant reduction in traffic to "contact us" pages among users who were first presented Bold360 ai to resolve their queries. Fewer customers seeking contact center pages meant that customers were finding the information they were seeking, leading to fewer calls to the company's call centers, and indicating a greater level of self-service resolution. For the JustFab website in North America, there were 16.57% fewer clicks to the contact us page among desktop users and nearly 66% among mobile users.

These results encouraged the company to roll out testing for additional business units in the same region, yielding positive results. ShoeDazzle experienced 63.6% fewer clicks for desktop users, with other brands also showing substantial reductions in traffic for both desktop and mobile. In light of these results, further implementations were put in place for testing in new markets.

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