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Delivering personalized member support with ease.

Executive Summary

Jenny Craig has partnered with Bold360 to improve operational efficiencies and deliver personalized, 1-on-1 support to current and potential members in order to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Jenny Craig & Bold360

Jenny Craig provides structure and support to its members, assisting in weight loss immediately and in the future. Its support team helps members create a healthy relationship with food, build an active lifestyle and create a balanced approach to living. Jenny Craig prides itself on building a personal rapport with each member to offer a 1-on-1 customized support plan to help them achieve their goals. Since the company started, the way that members communicate with the support team has evolved to include faster, more immediate responses. With thousands of members, Jenny Craig needed to improve its operational efficiencies to scale, yet keep their personal, white-glove approach.

“Jenny Craig has been in the business of helping people achieve their weight loss goals for over 35 years, and as time and technology has changed, we knew we had to engage in the space where new consumers live. We want to be able to engage with our members in any channel they choose, whether it be chat, text or social media. We were having some struggles with our previous chat provider, and we wanted a partner who could advance with technology developments,” Heidi Rote, Director North America Sales Center, Jenny Craig.

Delivering personalized member support with ease.

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"Our support strategy hasn’t changed in over 35 years. We change lives. And we do that with 1-on-1 dedicated personal support. This past year, we’ve had a record-breaking year with helping people get started. We’ve helped more people get started just this past year than we have in the previous five years. So, [Bold360] really has been a gamechanger to say the least."

Heidi Rote, Director, North America Sales Center, Jenny Craig


Jenny Craig opted to switch its online chat plat- form to Bold360 to enhance the experience for both members and agents and to take advantage of many of the new technology advances avail- able in order to better interact with members.

“When we rolled out the Bold360 platform, it was really quite seamless. They were there when we needed the support to ensure all went smoothly,” said Rote. “Our interactions with the Bold360 team have been amazing, and I am very grateful for their patience, as we launched at one the of the busiest times of the year.”

To improve operational efficiencies, Jenny Craig utilizes Bold360’s canned responses to answer certain member questions more quickly. As a result, sales reps are able to get to the true reason of why the customer is seeking support earlier in the conversation, so they can provide the best resources, or transfer the member to the right Jenny Craig team. During busy peak times, when a sales rep may have multiple chats occur- ring simultaneously, Bold360’s agent workspace allows sales reps to see all conversations on a single screen, eliminating the possibility of a slow response – all while keeping it personal.


Since the launch, Bold360 has operated seamlessly, providing the customer experience team with the functionality and support to meet the goal of personalized service that Jenny Craig’s customers have come to expect. Additionally, the team can now quantify various metrics and help team members understand where they can improve their customer interactions.

“Bold360 allows us to improve operational efficiency by using canned responses that help us get to the heart of what our consumers are talking about. It allows our agents the capability to have quicker response times, so they are staying more engaged with the consumer on the other end. If we are more engaging, then we are helping more people get started with Jenny Craig.” said Rote.

Overall, the Jenny Craig team is experiencing:

  • A rise in sales by fielding more inquiries and helping members get started with a weight loss program more quickly
  • Increase in operational efficiency due to ease of use and simplified system management to allow associates to engage more fully with each member to meet their individual needs
  • Greater insight into member interactions through a visual dashboard, allowing supervisors to reroute members to different agents, modify canned responses, etc.
  • More perceptive conversations with members and the ability for agents to flag issues to secure additional guidance from managers who can assist with complicated queries

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