Intuit Mint Bills

Mint Bills Implements Bold360 ai’s Self-Service Platform to Reduce Call Center Volume by Almost Half

Executive Summary

Mint Bills uses Bold360 ai to segment customers and provide customized responses.

"Bold360 ai diminished our call center volume by almost half, freeing up our account managers to focus on revenue generating projects as opposed to resolving repetitive issues that were easily solvable with Bold360 ai’s platform. Implementing Bold360 ai into the most sensitive part of our website—our payments pages—reveals our trust in their services."

Ori Wainshtein, Customer Care Leader


Mint Bills helps people easily see and pay their bills in one place, so they never have to miss a payment.

Mint Bills sought a solution to:

  • Assist customers with payments for a frictionless process.
  • Deflect repetitive questions while seamlessly escalating highly critical/complex issues.
  • Free up their teams to focus on revenue-generating activities.


Bold360 ai was exclusively implemented on the “Payments” section of Mint Bills’ clients’ website pages. 90% of their audience are newly acquired users and therefore require a high-service engagement. Mint Bills easily segmented these visitors based on the referring website to provide contextually relevant answers according to the origin of the visitor.


Using Bold360 ai’s strong rechanneling strategy, Mint Bills efficiently escalated the appropriate queries while accurately guiding new users throughout their journey for frictionless engagements. This drastically impacted call center volume which had a direct impact on wait time to reach Mint Bills’ call center representatives.