Discount Bank

Meet “Didi,” the virtual assistant that makes banking personal.

Executive Summary

Bold360 ai’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, gives virtual assistant “Didi” the power to converse naturally in Hebrew in order to deliver personalized service to customers.

"We’re proud to be the first bank in Israel to provide a digital banking assistant. With Bold360 ai’s NLP technology, Didi gives customers a secure personalized experience."

Limor Safran Seifer, Head of Online Banking


As one of the three largest banks in Israel, in operation since 1935, Discount Bank knew it must meet customer expectations in the digital age to keep customers satisfied and loyal. Customers expect an easier, faster and smarter banking experience, and prefer today to type (freestyle) rather than searching within the app options. In order to meet these expectations, Discount Bank decided to look for an online technology that creates added value for the customer and provides smart insights to the client. But the real challenge was to deliver an AI solution that understands customers’ natural, unrestricted language and translates that into actionable queries or actions performed on their account, so they can easily and quickly get the information they need.


“Didi,” short for Discount Digital, the bank’s AI-based virtual assistant powered by Bold360 ai’s NLP technology and insights from Personetics, is able to engage in natural conversation with customers while helping them find personalized information specific to their account or credit card, and even perform banking actions.

When Discount Bank looked at other solutions to power Didi, they found that Bold360 ai’s NLP capabilities far surpassed all others, especially in the Hebrew language. Implementation was fast and easy, thanks in large part to hands-on customer success and professional services leading them through the whole process. After just two months of development, Discount Bank launched a beta version of the virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger in order to learn how customers approach the bot, how they phrase their questions, and even the type of mistakes they make while typing. These insights strengthened Didi’s conversational skills before her big debut on the bank’s mobile app, where she is able to provide customers with personalized account information and transactions – all with a personality. “She’s cute, she’s smart,” says Safran Seifer. “She gives a personalized experience, and it helps us to better understand our customers’ needs.”

Didi is not just another product or chatbot; it is a stratum solution which combines artificial intelligence with analysis abilities and a personalized character. In addition to the AI abilities, Didi delivers the customer insights, developed by Personetics, regarding their banking activities and habits and sends customers alerts or notifications.


Thanks to Bold360 ai, Discount Bank has experienced quite a few advantages, including:

  • Fast and easy implementation with hands-on assistance from Bold360 professional services
  • High adoption rates among customers, with more than 50% of their customers asking Didi more than 700,000 questions since launch
  • 81% customer satisfaction rate with Didi’s answers
  • Development by a dedicated content management team reviewing customer questions and updating content on a daily basis