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Chatbot at Belfius Insurance delivers cutting-edge customer service.

Executive Summary

For years, the fintech world has been ahead of insurtech, but the insurance business is overcoming similar challenges and catching up fast. To enable its employees to respond to customer questions more efficiently, Belfius Insurance invested in a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions.


Chatbot at Belfius Insurance delivers cutting-edge customer service.

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“Agents and consultants highly appreciate Bold360. The number of questions addressed through the chatbot is rising by 25% a week, which speaks for itself.”

Pascal Buyle, Head of Non-life Policies Retail, Belfius Insurance

Access to information

Whether a Belfius Insurance customer belonged to the private, wealth, the retail or the omni-channel segment, access to information was one of the main issues for both contact centre agents and insurance agency staff. The information they needed was often spread over several systems, and many were difficult to search. As some of the information wasn’t easy to share or up-to-date, it resulted in a large volume of enquiries for Belfius’ support desk.

“If agents were struggling to find the right answer quickly, it was much easier for them to call the back office for help,” explains Pascal Buyle, head of non-life policies retail at Belfius Insurance. “Our support desk operators were becoming sales assistants, answering the same general questions over and over again. They were flooded with calls which resulted in unnecessarily long waiting times.” Of these enquiries, 80% were dealt with over the phone and 20% by email. While the average call duration was short, the sheer volume just wasn’t manageable, proving the model to be inefficient.

Previous successes establish trust in the technology

To find a futureproof solution, Pascal contacted several vendors. He wanted to unlock all available information and efficiently address general, non-file-specific questions using a chatbot solution. Business & Decision demonstrated how Bold360 by LogMeIn helped to overcome similar challenges for another client. Pascal felt that the proposed solution provided an excellent fit: it offered the features, reporting and dashboard options he was looking for, as well as an outstanding end user experience.

“Also, Business & Decision inspired trust in me,” says Pascal. “I believed they could fulfill our needs, and the proof of concept (POC) confirmed it. The fact that they’re a Belgian company was even more beneficial.”

Getting the project underway

To ensure that the project met Belfius Insurance’ strict security regulations, including cloud security and GDPR, a two-headed Business & Decision team worked onsite, two days a week. “They sure did their share of problem solving,” says Pascal. “We were working against very strict deadlines, and together with Business & Decision, managed to meet each and every one of them. They favored an approach of joint decision making, another quality we strongly appreciated. I’m convinced that by combining both our input and theirs, we achieved a stronger result.”

Once the organisational challenges had been addressed, the implementation was simple. It involved building a knowledge base, creating a widget on SharePoint, adding content and testing. The POC contained 65 answers and proved the concept successful. The knowledge base now contains an additional 888 answers and every ticket serves as a learning case. “Using an agile methodology, Business & Decision guided us to implement the solution to the point where, today, all of our agents are able to work with the Bold360 platform, and enrich the chatbot content permanently,” says Pascal.

Reduced call volume and shorter response times

Less than five months after roll-out, the call volume for Belfius ‘Car’ was reduced by 20%. For the less complex Belfius ‘Assistance’ product, the call volume decreased by 30%. As a result, response times shortened. “Besides the reduction of call volume, the chatbot allowed us to centralize our knowledge,” says Pascal. “Now, even new support agents can easily access information. Also, its availability outside office hours results in higher conversion rates. A convenient bonus is getting intelligent insight regarding the real issues at hand, which enables us to identify knowledge gaps at our offices and with our knowledge workers.”

The Belfius team is planning to extend the FAQ bot to their ‘Fire’ and ‘Family’ products. “Everything should be completed by the end of 2019,” says Pascal. “Our end goal is to have all tickets and communication, including file-specific questions, handled through the FAQ bot, escalating to either live chat or a phone call to the right person with the right priority.”

Service customers instantly and efficiently

“Agents and consultants highly appreciate Bold360,” confirms Pascal. “The number of questions addressed through the chatbot is rising by 25% a week, which speaks for itself. Our customer surveys also show very positive results. We are able to service our customers instantly and efficiently, just as you’d expected from a large, fast-growing banking and insurance company of today. By the end of 2019, we aim to reach an overall reduction of incoming calls by 30%.”

Future collaboration

Belfius is looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Business & Decision and LogMeIn. “We’re already considering expanding the chatbot into our other divisions, including the banking department,” confirms Pascal. “This means that Business & Decision’s role within Belfius will be ongoing. We’ll also call upon their expertise to help us establish the integration between Bold360 and our new management program to further develop our customer engagement strategy.”

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