Online Chat Service

An online chat service enables online businesses to engage with their website visitors through live interactive chat messaging. The right chat support software can help a business improve online conversion rates, accelerate the resolution of customer support inquiries, and boost customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Choosing the right chat solution for your organization requires an understanding of the online chat service market and a familiarity with the major service providers and their offerings.

Questions to Ask About an Online Chat Service

Here are some of the most important questions to ask when looking into online chat service providers and their live chat support software:

  • How widely used is their online chat service, and by what types of businesses? Look for a service that’s been proven in the field and a provider with expertise in your particular market sector. This is especially true if your market has specific requirements around data security.
  • How easy is it to get started with the service? Look for a cloud-based chat support service that’s quick and easy to deploy and that requires little or no ongoing maintenance.
  • How versatile is the solution? Find service providers who can offer complete solutions that span all digital engagement channels including not only website and mobile live chat but also email, SMS, and Twitter management.
  • How reliable is the online chat service? Ask service providers for concrete information about service uptime, and make sure the provider’s support team is available to you around the clock and all across the calendar.
  • How clear and predictable is the service pricing? Insist on transparency and avoid “a la carte” or per-chat pricing schemes that may result in unpleasant surprises when the bill comes due.

LogMeIn Bold360 Sets the Bar for Online Chat Service

Bold360 from LogMeIn is a leading customer service live chat solution, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and consistent top-notch ratings from industry analysts. Businesses use the Bold360 enterprise chat solution to engage with new and existing customers, in a range of B2B and B2C verticals spanning markets with stringent data security requirements, such as health care and financial services. As a cloud-based online chat service, Bold360 is easy and fast to deploy, delivers 99.99% uptime year after year, and offers a simple and transparent upfront pricing structure based on the number of concurrent service agent users.

Together with fully-featured live support chat for website users, Bold360 also offers in-app live chat for users of iOS or Android mobile apps. For helpdesks and customer support teams, Bold360 provides a dedicated management interface for team supervisors, intelligent workflow management, reporting and analytics, and seamless integration with Salesforce.