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One of the best tools for engaging with website visitors is an online chat box. Businesses can leverage live chat to convert visitors to customers and from customers to loyal advocates.

Bold360, the industry-leading solution for enabling live chat for business, offers turnkey live chat features for customer engagement. It gives businesses the flexibility and control to engage customers intelligently and personally. Bold360’s online chat box is just the starting point of engagement. Beyond that, Bold360 enables streamlined omni-channel engagement through self-service, video chat*, SMS*, email, and Twitter*.

Bold360’s Online Chat Box Incorporates Leading Edge Technology

Designed and developed by LogMeIn, the leader in remote support solutions, Bold360 is built with the latest and most advanced technologies. These technologies help businesses to use online live chat to enhance customer service and customer acquisition and retention, and simultaneously streamline support agent workflow. These industry-leading technologies include:

  • Proactive Invitations -- Bold360 allows businesses to intelligently control when to present an online chat box to invite visitors into live chat. Agents can use the proactive rules-based engine to automatically send invitations or do so manually. The rules-based engine can trigger invitations based on criteria such as predefined visitor behavior, types of buyers, and pages visited. Live chat comparison studies show that rules-based invitations work best for high traffic websites and manual invitations work best for low traffic websites.
  • Adaptive Messaging™ -- Adaptive Messaging works with Bold360’s canned messages. It uses a proprietary algorithm to search the canned messages repository by using the real-time conversation in a Bold360 online chat box as the search criteria. Search results continually update to present the most relevant canned messages for agents to use as replies. This allows agents to work quicker and more efficiently.
  • Auto Answers -- Bold360’s auto answers feature allows customers to receive automated answers to commonly asked questions in the online chat box. Businesses can compose and deliver prepared answers as first-line responses to customer questions before escalating customers to a live chat session. More intuitive than some other chatbots, the auto answers feature leverages Bold360’s Adaptive Messaging algorithm to provide the most relevant answers and continuously learns over time.

Customize Your Online Chat Box With Bold360 Live Chat

If you’re wondering “How do I get live chat for my website that reflects my brand identity?” Bold360 has the answer. The aesthetics of online chat box windows and chat buttons are fully customizable, from window and button design to color scheme and branding, in order to maintain consistency with the look and feel of your website. Bold360 is also mobile-aware and detects when a mobile device is used to access your website. Bold360’s online chat box automatically adjusts to present optimally on each device in order to provide a pleasant and fulfilling user experience for online chat customer service. Bold360 live chat also allows for language customization to best support your particular markets and audiences.

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