Screen Sharing Browser

The right customer support software can help support agents boost their productivity and also increase customer satisfaction. One of the most useful tools for agents and their customers is the screen sharing browser. This technology enables “co-browsing” so that agents and website visitors can collaborate to resolve uncertainties or difficulties in website navigation or web form completion. When used in conjunction with a live chat service like Bold360, agents and customers can communicate effectively to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Use Bold360 Live Chat with Screen Sharing Browser for Effective Customer Support

Bold360 is the market-leading enterprise chat solution used by thousands of businesses worldwide. The Bold360 live chat service is designed to be flexible - allowing organizations to customize the service for their specific online chat needs and goals. The solution incorporates many market-leading features for effective customer service live chat including a screen sharing browser called ActiveAssist. ActiveAssist is an innovative tool that enables Bold360 users to collaborate while viewing the contents of the same screen. Customer support agents can view the exact same web page that a customer is seeing through a screen sharing browser. Agents can render assistance in ways such as highlighting items on the screen or helping customers fill out online forms.

ActiveAssist is designed to be used on both non-secure and secure web pages. Agents need to request and obtain permission from each customer to begin any ActiveAssist session through the screen sharing browser. All contents in a customer’s browser, as well as the customer’s actions in the browser, are sent to the Bold360 servers over SSL to ensure privacy. ActiveAssist supports customers using mobile devices and desktop computers. In the screen sharing browser, agents see the same pages, in the same dimensions as the customers. This one-to-one proportion allows agents to have the same user experience as their customers during customer support chat sessions.

Screen Sharing Browser Increases Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Combined with live chat, screen sharing between agents and customers provides a formidable toolset for customer service and support. As the best live chat support software in the market, Bold360’s features offer customer support organizations a highly effective solution for live chat for site support. ActiveAssist with screen sharing browser enables support agents to work more productively by enhancing collaboration with customers to solve problems. The Bold360 live chat solution also offers seamless integration with LogMeIn Remote technology, which – with customer permission and a range of security safeguards – enables a support agent to perform troubleshooting operations on a user’s computer or mobile device.

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