Twitter Management

Let BoldChat help you zero in on important tweets.

The Trouble with Twitter

If you’ve made the decision to actively manage a corporate Twitter account, then you face three acute challenges that thousands of other companies have. You need to sort through the junk to find real and relevant conversations, deliver the valuable work to the right resource quickly, and then provide that agent with the right set of tools so they can be successful. In short, you’ve got to nd it, deliver it, and do it. BoldChat puts the appropriate tweets in the palm of your agent's hand.

The BoldChat Approach

The BoldChat integrated solution for Twitter is different for two reasons: we built it to manage conversations, not tweets, and we made workow enforcement automatic, intelligent, and customizable. BoldChat allows companies to maximize their Twitter ROI by leveraging existing teams who already handle near real-time communications to handle yet another – and all while maintaining the proper controls that exist around customer engagement.

BoldChat’s Twitter solution empowers a team-based approach to Twitter.

Easy Installation and Multi-Account Support

Placing a Twitter account under management takes only a few clicks. Once you authorize BoldChat to manage your account, the system automatically sets up folders for mentions, DMs, and any searches that you already have in place. You can manage multiple accounts from the same interface and even co-mingle individual conversations across accounts into a single location so that properly permissioned agents can work across your accounts.

Conversation Threading and History

To manage Twitter means managing interactions that are made up of multiple tweets, re-tweets, and direct messages. BoldChat’s threading technology solves this issue and de-clutters the interface. By threading tweets that are part of the same conversation together you ensure that agents see the entire picture from the customer’s perspective and you give them, visually, far less to deal with.

Tweet threads are archived and immediately accessible to the agent as well. Reviewing past interactions saves time and bolsters customer service.

Agent Efficiency

BoldChat is focused on building tools that maximize an agent’s eciency. The Twitter management capability, besides ltering intelligence, routing, and conversation history also includes several other features aimed at making sure agents can handle their work with maximum speed and accuracy.

Canned tweets are searchable, and subject to our Adaptive Canned Messaging feature that “reads” inbound tweets and suggests the most appropriate canned tweet for the agent. Canned tweets can be edited to make them more personal and a character counter is omnipresent for the agent.

Twitter Filtering, Routing, and Workow

BoldChat supports an advanced searching syntax that allows you to hone searches to nd real work to be done versus distracting noise that is simply the nature of the Twitter beast. But that’s not magic; Twitter itself supports the syntax as well. BoldChat’s Iterative Searching feature combined with a staged production methodology is where the real value lies. When you create a Twitter search in BoldChat, the results are presented in the interface, but the resultant conversations are not distributed as work items immediately. Instead, you can revise the search; see how it impacts the result set, and then – when the search is effectively displaying real conversations worthy of attention – administrators can choose to apply routing and workow rules.

The rules tell the work item where to go, who to assign it to, how long to wait before reassigning it, and what actual actions can be taken once the conversation is being worked on.

Reporting and Measurement

Any good marketing tool is only as good as you can measure. Twitter is no exception. There is no doubt that social media, Twitter in particular, has a lot of untapped potential as a marketing tool and support channel, and with BoldChat you can measure its affect.

First, BoldChat allows administrators to label Tweets by defining category, status and two additional custom fields. This data can then be measured and reported on. These are a few of the questions that reports in BoldChat for Twitter Management can answer:

  • How many customer services inquiries were resolved via Twitter?
  • Which of our agents answer the most Tweets in a specific time frame?
  • Which of our agents close the majority of their assigned Tweets in under an hour?
  • When do we receive the highest volume of Tweets?
  • What is the average speed to answer via Twitter?
  • What is the number of Tweets that are closed while unanswered?