Live Customer Support Chat

Live customer support chat, or the use of live internet chat to provide or receive customer service via a website or mobile application, is a technology on which more businesses are coming to depend. Powered by internet chat software, live customer support chat enables companies to interact directly with customers in real time and allows consumers to contact businesses with minimal effort—either through a web browser or mobile app.

With just a click, your customers can open a virtual window into your company and get access to live agents. In this way, live customer support chat offers both convenience and peace of mind. At the same time, by offering live support for your website through chat, your company obtains an easy method to monitor and engage with your site visitors or app users at crucial points in the customer journey.

Taking a Proactive Approach to Live Customer Support Chat and Getting It Right

The use of online chat support software has been shown to improve agent productivity, reduce support delivery costs, and enhance the customer experience. Implemented proactively, live customer support chat can also help drive sales by reducing cart abandonment and through intelligent upselling and cross-selling.

Taking a proactive approach to live customer support chat isn’t entirely easy, however. A pop-up invitation to chat at the wrong moment can be annoying to customers. As is the case in a physical store, some people don’t like to be interrupted unless they really need help.

There is a right way to implement proactive chat. And today there are support software solutions that make it easier to do it the right way. To optimize the timing, style, and messaging of your invitations, look for critical product features like:

  • Visitor tracking. Know what page a user is on and how he/she arrived at your site. View data on user location, previous visits, visit duration, and more.
  • Customizability. Adjust the aesthetics and wording of your invitations to suit your brand, industry or product and appeal to a specific market or type of user.
  • Proactive rules engine. Set up and employ rules to target the right visitor with the most suitable message at the ideal moment in the customer journey.

Perfecting Both Reactive and Proactive Live Customer Support Chat with Bold360

Providing Bold360 live helpchat software for websites around the world and in a wide range of industries, LogMeIn is committed to learning from our existing clients and helping all of our customers achieve the greatest benefits from their investment. We offer them our deep understanding of proactive chat best practices and the technology they need to optimize every aspect of their live customer support chat deployment.

Bold360 provides you with real-time and historical visitor monitoring data, fully customizable proactive invitations, our innovative “experiment engine” featuring true multivariate testing capabilities, support for mobile app implementations, and much more.