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Website visitors browse product and services content to seek answers to their questions. One of the best ways to engage them is through a live chat tool for website visitors. Such a tool enables companies to engage their customers and users at the first point-of-contact. This very often leads to high customer conversions and boosted customer satisfaction.

Many live chat software solutions are available in the market. The industry-leading solution offering the most comprehensive features and benefits is Bold360 from LogMeIn.

Industry-Leading Live Chat Tool for Website Engagement from LogMeIn

LogMeIn is the industry leader in remote support and engagement software solutions. Its website live chat software solution, Bold360, enables organizations to attain the fastest ROI from customer engagement initiatives. In addition to serving as a live chat tool for website visitors, Bold360 is a fully featured omni-channel engagement solution. It integrates technologies to communicate over desktop and mobile through live messaging or video chat*, email, SMS*, and Twitter*, and manages all communication through a single unified interface.

When deployed as an enterprise live chat solution, you can use our pre-built integrations, or quickly build your own to refine the engagement experience for both agents and customers. Using Bold360 APIs for integration, data extraction, workflow, and provisioning, enterprises can easily implement Bold360’s enterprise chat software features into existing enterprise applications and infrastructure. Built for today’s customer-focused online businesses, Bold360 offers an end-to-end solution for website visitor engagement from first contact to post-conversion or post-resolution communications.

Benefits of Using Bold360 Live Chat Tool for Website Engagement

Bold360’s live customer service software offers numerous benefits to our thousands of customers worldwide. Some of the biggest benefits come from Bold360’s efficient features that improve the productivity of customer service agents.

For organizations that leverage Bold360 as a live chat tool for website engagement, powerful management tools are available. Bold360’s Web Workspace provides a unified intelligent interface for agents to work across channels like live chats, SMS, video, and email. A prioritized work queue brings the most important tasks to agents’ attention. Also, real-time service level metrics are also displayed to compare against desired benchmarks.

Bold360’s live chat tool for website engagement allows administrators to use routing rules and permissions to efficiently route incoming work to appropriate agents. Work is distributed by a configurable automatic distribution engine using assignment algorithms. The high degree of configuration gives administrators full control over how work is distributed to agents to ensure efficiency.

Bold360 also supports proactive chat. Since website visitors can be tracked as they browse, you can trigger chat invitations based on rules such as number of pages viewed, time on a page, and current site location. Invitation rules can also be created using analytics derived from past visitor tracking. Rules-based invitations are ideal for live chat support services in high traffic websites, dramatically boosting user engagement, conversions, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

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