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The deployment of enterprise live chat software allows organizations to engage customers at the first point-of-contact. Studies have shown that websites with live chat, both message and video-based, drive high rates of visitor-to-sales conversions. A best-of-breed live chat tool for website visitors allows for proactive first engagements and follow-up initiatives that can be carried out over other channels, such as email and SMS. This sets the foundation for long term customer relationships that can yield profitable revenue streams.

Bold360, an industry-leading live chat software from LogMeIn, provides best-of-breed features for omni-channel customer engagement. It enables seamless engagement at the first point-of-contact through all subsequent interactions and integrates with other enterprise CRM applications to function as a comprehensive enterprise live chat solution.

Increase Productivity with Bold360 Live Chat Software

Enterprises that deploy Bold360 reap productivity rewards for their customer service organizations. Bold360 provides in-depth customer management features to help oversee the communication between customers and support agents. Two tools in Bold360 help to increase online chat customer service productivity:

  • Management Dashboard -- This web-based dashboard provides supervisors with a single-pane-of-glass view into the work queue of each agent using Bold360 live chat software. Supervisors can view and determine if queues for chat, email, SMS, and Twitter are processed efficiently. With this dashboard, supervisors can also manage permission groups to control agent actions.
  • Web Workspace -- Bold360 live chat software provides an intuitive and easy-to-use centralized interface for agents to view and process their work queues. Agents can view their prioritized tasks from their online live chat queue as well as from their SMS, email, video, and Twitter queues.

Enhance Customer User Experience with Bold360 Live Chat Software

Bold360’s rich and intuitive features enable enterprises to provide prospects and customers a differentiated user experience. Seamless omni-channel engagement over live chat, email, SMS, video, and Twitter enhance customer and agent interactions and increase customer satisfaction.

Bold360’s user-facing website support chat window is both easy to use and highly customizable. Bold360 provides the flexibility that allows your organization to brand and embed custom functionality into chat windows. Bold360 live chat software is also fully integrated with native video chat capabilities. Live chat can be seamlessly turned into video chat. Video chat participants need not download additional software or plugins to transform their live chat window into a video chat browser. Bold360’s customizable chat window UI and live video capabilities enhance user engagement resulting in a differentiated experience and higher conversion rates.

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