Boost sales with a live chat plugin for your website.

When you want to increase sales, boost profitability and drive up customer satisfaction, adding a live chat plugin for your website can make all the difference.

Customers need help. They don’t always know what they want, and when they do know, they often can’t find it. They’re frequently uncertain about how to proceed and want the reassurance and recommendation that they’re making the right decision. In a retail store or an office, they can get help from a live person when they need it. But shopping or browsing online is a different story.

With a live chat plugin for your website, live online chat provides customers with the same kind of personal service they receive in-store. The moment customers have a concern, your online chat software lets them start a chat session with a live agent who can answer their questions, resolve their issues and offer recommendations, while also taking the opportunity to upsell and cross sell when appropriate.

As a result, customers who use a live chat plugin for a website are more likely to convert – 4.6 times more likely, in fact. And the value of their average purchase rises by as much as 60%. It’s no wonder that customer service chat has become such an important part of customer engagement.

A live chat plugin for your website from Bold360

When you want a live chat plugin for your website that can help you reap the rewards of live chat support, Bold360 is the answer. Powered by LogMeIn, Bold360 delivers the world’s most flexible live chat plugin for website engagement.

Bold360 is easy to use. All the tools you need to build a superior online chat website experience are ready to use right out of the box. And integrating your chat solution with other customer data sources is a breeze, thanks to built-in integrations and APIs.

Bold360 is simple to customize. You won’t find another live chat plugin for your website that offers as much flexibility and as many choices when it comes to tailoring the chat experience to communicate with customers in your brand voice and personality.

And Bold360 is comprehensive. In addition to basic chat, this live chat plugin for your website lets you offer mobile chat, video chat and even proactive chat, where you can start a chat conversation with any customer who appears to need help making a decision or navigating your site.

Benefits of Bold360’s live chat plugin for your website

With Bold360’s live chat plugin for your website, you can:

  • Boost sales by providing help and guidance to customers at critical junctures in their shopping journey.
  • Enhance customer loyalty by engaging customers with a superior chat experience.
  • Drive productivity by enabling agents to manage multiple chat conversations at the same time.
  • Simplify omni-channel engagement by using a single platform to manage all points of customer contact: chat, email, Twitter*, SMS*, online self-service and more.

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