Live Chat Comparison

For businesses wanting to engage with potential and existing customers through their websites, online live chat is the most effective method. As the effectiveness of live chat has become clear, customer service administrators are increasingly asking “What’s the best way to get live chat for my website?” Several website live chat software solutions are available in the market. A live chat comparison of these solutions show that only Bold360 from LogMeIn offers features and functionality to meet the requirements of all businesses.

Bold360 is available at several price points with varying features. This allows businesses to perform a live chat comparison of their needs and select the appropriate Bold360 options from the comparison within their budget restrictions. Bold360 also comes with guaranteed service availability. Bold360 servers are hosted in LogMeIn’s geographically dispersed data centers that offer 99.99% uptime. This means that when you deploy Bold360 live chat for business, you can engage your website visitors and customers 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Bold360 Omni-Channel Support Stands Out in Live Chat Comparison

Studies show that website visitors typically browse a website for only a short period of time. Businesses that seek to engage visitors in order to convert them to customers need to engage their visitors quickly, and follow up with communication across multiple channels. Live chat comparison studies show that this is one of the most effective ways to maintain interaction with website visitors over a longer time.

Bold360 is the ideal tool for implementing such an engagement strategy. One of Bold360’s chief features is omni-channel engagement that allows businesses to interact with their customers through multiple channels. In addition to live chat and video chat, customer service agents can use Bold360’s live chat software to manage SMS*, Twitter*, and email communications with their customers. Agents can also leverage Bold360’s Auto Answers feature, which uses advanced algorithms to automate chat replies with a higher degree of responsiveness and intelligence than other chatbots. Bold360 manages the engagement with each customer across all channels, enabling customer service agents to view the complete customer relationship through a single pane of glass.

Fine Tune Engagement Strategy Using Bold360 for Live Chat Comparison Testing

The most successful online customer engagement is derived by fine-tuning your strategies with actionable data. Bold360’s Experiment Engine enables customer service organizations to perform true multivariate testing by providing a deep level of control of live chat comparison variables. The Experiment Engine allows customer service agents to test various combinations of chat windows, chat buttons, invitation types, and invitation rules. Visitor profile information such as location, referer URL, and browsing device can also be used as live chat comparison variables.

Customer service organizations can use test results to repeatedly optimize engagement strategy and methods. From live chat software comparison analyses with other live chat solutions, Bold360’s ability to facilitate multivariate testing to improve engagement strategy is a key driver in converting visitors to customers and from customers to advocates.

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