Google Analytics Integration


Tracking Chat Driven Conversions by Integrating Google Analytics with BoldChat

Live chat has come of age. Gone are the days when chatting with website visitors was seen only as a way to reduce support costs. For some time now, savvy Internet retailers have utilized intelligent chat interactions as a key contributor in the sales cycle. This white paper explains how to implement Google’s Analytics code to uncover, at a granular level, exactly how important live chat can be to increase close-rates online.


This paper is geared toward persons who are comfortable working with HTML code. Advanced HTML coding is not required but some level of familiarity with the basics of HTML will be helpful.

Experience implementing Google Analytics code and setting up Goal Funnels is a requirement for anyone wanting to follow the best practices contained herein.

Why Integrate Google Analytics with BoldChat?

While BoldChat is the ‘system-of-record’ when it comes to your site’s chat data, it is useful to integrate some of that data into your overall web analytics view. Doing this allows you to see how chat in¬fluences other key website metrics and it allows you to view ‘chatters’ as a unique visitor type. Once chats are tracked with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to set up funnels to track how chat infl¬uences goals, set chat itself as a goal in order to discover what type of traffic is likely to engage you in chat, create Advanced Segments to view chatters as standalone visitor types.

Technical Implementation Details

There are three steps to integrating BoldChat into Google Analytics:

1. Modify Google Analytics code & add it to the chat window.
2. Modify existing on-page analytics code
3. Modify BoldChat button code

Additional topics covered in the whitepaper include:

- Modify Google Analytics Code/Add to Chat Window Footer
- Modify Existing On-Page Google Analytics Code
- Modify the Live Chat Button Code
- Using Funnels and Live Chat

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