Salesforce® Integration


An overview of BoldChat’s Salesforce integration functionality.

Seamless & Efficient

Businesses depend on an ecosystem of products and solutions as part of day-to-day operations. The Salesforce integration package, arguably the most robust on the market, automatically sends chat data into your Salesforce instance.

With the BoldChat Salesforce Module you can create any Salesforce object type from an active or inactive chat interaction: leads, cases, contacts, opportunities and accounts. This flexible module supports custom object types, custom fields and field mapping. Your robust data, including complete chat transcripts, automatically appears in Salesforce. And, you can customize the chat agent's view so they see only the fields they need - the rest passes into Salesforce seamlessly.

End-to-End Interaction Management

Live chats are a unique breed of communication for three reasons:

  1. There’s never any doubt about what was said because chat transcripts - including links and images - record the entire communiqué and store it for future reference.
  2. Chats include enriching behind-the-scenes information like referrer/chat launch URLs and geo-IP data.
  3. Chats often succeed in capturing lead information like email address, phone number and more.

Existing Salesforce customers certainly understand the importance of contact consolidation, so integrating chat interactions for both sales and support is a critical best practice for these organizations. The Salesforce module enables and automates this process with the same flexibility and power customers have come to expect from BoldChat.

The agent is presented with a dynamically rendered screen matching the fields inside of Salesforce. This means that:

  • Chat agents have the tools they need inside the BoldChat interface.
  • Fields can be excluded from view to improve efficiency.
  • Required field types are supported as are custom fields.
  • Data is pre-populated... but still editable.

Chat Data Appears Inside Salesforce

BoldChat’s Salesforce integration module makes critical website interactions part of a company’s established sales and support operations. Installation of the BoldChat Salesforce module automatically creates a chat repository inside of the Salesforce interface. Chats are associated with other Salesforce objects enabling users to see chat interactions connected to work items; whether they be leads, cases, opportunities, contacts, etc.

Ultimate Flexibility and Control

Out of the box, the BoldChat Salesforce integration module supports any object or field type including custom options. Additionally, the module enables field level mapping so that any BoldChat data element can be passed to any target Salesforce field. This means that:

  • Key website visitor data can appear inside of Salesforce in the appropriate place associated with your company’s workflow.
  • Sensitive customer data can be passed into Salesforce without ever being exposed to an agent.
  • The integration is permissionable so that administrators can maintain security through restricted access.

Pricing and Availability

The BoldChat Salesforce Module is available as follows:

  • BoldChat Pro = Additional Charge*
  • BoldChat Premier = Included
  • BoldChat Enterprise = Included

*Contact us for pricing.